The bubble pop-up window is where you can place all your decisions and selections for a single bubble, as well as chat with others in your scene about specific items.

To enter the bubble pop-up window, simply tap on any bubble.

At the top of the window, the bubble name is shown. You can edit this by changing the name in the “Bubble Name” text box.

Changes made in the bubble pop-up window are automatically saved.

The next text box in this field is the Description. Add more information about your selection here. The Description will be visible in the Design Board.

The Notes field lets you add additional notes, comments, and information about the bubble.

To add a price or budget to a bubble, click the “Budget” icon, and type the price into the Price text box.

To add an image to your bubble, choose one of the following options:

  1. Picture (for taking a photo using your device. Only available on phones and tablets)
  1. Image (for uploading an image from your device)
  1. Link (for uploading an image via a website URL)

Once you’ve uploaded or taken an image, use the cropper to select the area of your image that you’d like to use as the bubble image. Once finished, the image will appear within your bubble in the pop-up window and within your scene, making it easier to recognize an individual bubble.

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