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Floor Plan Generator

The Floor Plan Generator is where you can create new floor plan burn-ins, swap out existing floor plans, and export floor plans to share in other apps or create new floors with. Here, we’ll walk you through each of these items.

Creating new floor plans

If you’ve made changes to walls or annotations, it might get annoying having an old floor plan below your scene. Thankfully, this is a quick fix – plus you’ll get a brand new floor plan to use.

Start by selecting the Floor Plan icon in the floating menu. This opens up the Floor Plan Generator window. Here you’ll see a list of all the floor plans you’ve created and imported to your scene.

To create a new floor plan based on changes you’ve made in the scene, click the “New floor plan” button.

Give it a few seconds (or minutes, depending on your scene size) to generate the new floor plan, and it will automatically swap out the floor plan in your scene to the new one.

Swapping out floor plans

In this same window, you can toggle between any existing floor plans. 

To do this, simply tap the radio button to the left of the desired floor plan.

You’ll see your scene update in real-time when you toggle between floor plans, giving you a visual as to which one is right.

Exporting floor plans

To export or share a floor plan from the generator, start by finding the desired floor plan.

Tap the “Share” icon next to the floor plan.

From here, click “Export floor plan”, and choose where to save the exported file.

You can send the floor plan to colleagues or clients, or use it to create a new floor in Bubbles.

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