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Floor & scene menu (floating menu)

The floating menu is located (by default) at the bottom of your screen. By tapping/clicking and dragging, you can reposition the floating menu to either the left or right side of the screen at any time. Here’s what each button does:

Design board

The Design Board is where all your selections and decisions live. It gives you a 100-foot view of your entire scene, room-by-room, and all the choices you’ve made.

From here, you can review your decisions, and export the board as a PDF to share with people. 

Read more about the Design Board here!

Floor Plan generator

The Floor Plan generator window is where you can generate new floor plans, export previous floor plans, and switch between all the different floor plans in your scene.

Read more about the Floor Plan generator here!

Show / Hide bubbles

The Show / Hide bubbles button simply enables or disables viewing bubbles inside of your scene.

You can see how many bubbles are in your scene using the number in the top-right of the icon.

Rotate selected object(s)

When an object or wall is selected, you can tap on the Rotate icon to enable the rotation compass for the object or wall.

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