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Windows & doors

Just like with walls, there are multiple ways to create new windows and doors within your scene. Here, we’ll walk you through each one.

Creating windows and doors from scratch

Make sure the Design library is selected. If it’s not, tap on the Libraries icon, and select Design.

In the model ribbon, you’ll see options for windows and doors. Tap one of them, and then single-tap anywhere in your scene to place the object.

Once your window or door is placed, you can move it around your scene by tapping and holding the object.

When you move your window or door close to a wall, it will automatically snap into place. Once it’s snapped to a wall, you’ll see stretch points appear on all sides and corners of the object. Tap and hold any of these points to resize the window or door.

You can unsnap a window or door from a wall by selecting it and dragging it away from the wall it’s snapped to.

Duplicating windows and doors

Just like with any object in Bubbles, you have the option to duplicate any selected window or door.

To start, tap to select the window(s) or door(s) you want to duplicate.

Double-tap anywhere on your scene to automatically duplicate the selected objects to that location.

You’ll notice the rotation of the objects remains the same.

You can duplicate a window or door directly into another wall by double-tapping, making it easier to copy a window to another wall.

Once you’re finished, tap any blank area in your scene to deselect the window or door.

Moving a window along a wall

Once your window is snapped to a wall, you have a few options for moving it along the wall:

Horizontal lock

Vertical lock

Free move

By default, horizontal lock is selected. You can see this by selecting a window, and looking in the floating menu at the window movement toggle.

To change to another option, tap on the toggle until the desired option is selected. 

You can only unsnap a window from a wall when the horizontal lock is selected.

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